#SURFWORTHY Women - Meet Libby Freeman

April 20, 2018


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Why did you decide to learn how to surf?


I've always loved skating and the ocean so it just seemed like a really natural progression to learn to ride waves. I love challenging myself in environments out of my comfort zone and the lifestyle really appealed to me as well.


What was your motivation to keep going after that first experience in the waves?


The first time I surfed was long ago in Australia in these insane waves because I didn't understand what I was getting myself in to. I spent more time under the water than on it. It did make me even more determined to keep going, but in way smaller swell!


What does surfing add to your life?


All the good things. I love waking up early every morning and getting out of bed to go for a surf. I always start the day so excited. Meeting with friends at the beach and paddling out with them. The constant learning and progressing is a really fulfilling, not to mention all the exercise!


What challenges have you faced in your surf practice, physically and/or mentally? How did you overcome them?


The ocean is so complicated and unpredictable, learning how to understand it is challenging. Not being afraid of those waves that just tower over you and just going for it, that takes a lot.


How do you feel being a woman in the line-up?


Where I surf there's always a lot of women which is so awesome. There's definitely a kind of low key mutual appreciation among us and it's amazing to see so many women out there every day. It never feels like a kind of "us and them" thing like I experience a lot when skating.


What is your favourite part of the world to surf?


I've done most of my surfing in Bali but Costa Rica and Nicaragua were very cool. I liked Lisbon but the water was too cold, I'm a sucker for tropical bath water temperature oceans.


What is one of your best surfing memories?


Today surfing %*^$&&***"&*$ beach in the crystal clear water with the manatees!


(Erm... cheeky note from the Surf Worthy team here, we 'may' have blocked Libby's answer because it's our favourite spot and one we're not willing to give away... yet!)


What do you look for in your surf clothing?


Comfort over absolutely anything else! I've surfed in so many things that fall down, ride up, come off.. It helps if it looks pretty too though.


On a big day, what’s your main motivation for paddling out?


Everything else vanishes when you get into the water. It's just you and the ocean (and maybe the sunrise/sunset). You know you're going to be catching waves and having the best fun no matter what else. It doesn't take a lot of motivation to get me out there even with a killer hangover, that goes away too.


We want to make surf clothing for ‘real surfer women’, what does that mean to you?


Surfing in little bikinis is impossible and it's so hard to find anything that really cuts it. Even the bigger surf brands don't make swimwear you can really feel confident in when actually surfing. We need people like you in our lives!




Awhhh THANKS LIBBY - we're feeling all the loves


As well as being the most determined beginner surfer we have ever met, Libby is also the Founder of humanitarian mission Calais Action which raises funds to provide aid to refugees. Find out more and make a donation to support the cause here.



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