Yeah I’m vegan. And I eat twice as much chocolate as you.


The thought of giving up chocolate and eggs terrified me over the years.


I used to live on both, thinking that eggs were a great (and cheap) source of protein, and chocolate, well, chocolate is chocolate and I was addicted, who isn’t?!


I have been vegan for 9 months now and I’m annoyed I didn’t know the benefits sooner!

One day I was eating lamb whilst on a snowboarding trip and it made me feel sick.


Strange, as that used to be my favourite meat to eat.


I have been an animal lover my entire life, I even used to own 3 chickens (Mother Clucker, KFC and Edwina), they were my babies!  Yet I would happily head over to Nandos for some Cajun chicken (??)


When I would see an animal in distress, I would always help it. I’ve saved countless animals over the years, even insects! Last year in France I saved a beetle that was drowning, surfing with it in my mouth all the way to the beach.


Yet once again, I would happily consume meat products without a second thought. Out of sight out of mind, hey!?


After trying veganism for a couple of weeks, I saw huge changes in my appearance, general mood and attitude.


What I found:


  • My spots have completely gone! I used to have acne outbreaks on my cheeks all the time. My skin was worse than when I was a teenager.  I blamed it on the amount of sunscreen I used, or on contraception, and even felt the need to cover my skin up with cosmetics. Now I have no spots whatsoever, praise the lord!


  • My energy levels are through the roof! Before when I used to eat meat and consume dairy products, I would need to nap in between surfs and work, EVERYDAY! Now I surf 4 hours a day and then work as a surfing instructor, with no naps! I get tired, sure, but I don’t have the need to sleep.


  • My hair isn’t like candy floss anymore!  I used to put so many oils in my hair to stop it from looking like wire wool, always breaking off from the constant beating from the sun and salt water. Now it is shiny and stronger than ever.


  • I can poo! For years I suffered with bloating and constipation. There’s nothing worse than having to wear a wetsuit all day, feeling lethargic, weak and bloated, let alone being constipated as well! Since being plant powered I haven’t had a digestive problem in 9 months. It’s so amazing to wake up every day, look in the mirror and not see a swollen, pregnant looking tummy.


  • I’m less of a bitch! Feeling bloated and lethargic all the time meant that I used to have the occasional mood swing. I constantly felt uncomfortable, would wear big baggy clothing, and feel down in the dumps. Now, my diet is filled with the right vitamins and proteins to keep me going, working and surfing like a horse throughout the day. I’m the usual happy me!


  • Weight loss... I’ve never been one to weigh myself or count calories, but my clothes fit better now. And looking through old photos, I can see I’ve definitely lost a few pounds!



Indonesia is paradise for vegans! A huge slab of tempe (fermented soy bean) is the same price as an orange, and there’s a huge variety of yummy vegetables to buy from local markets. You can buy an entire shopping bag full of goodies for fewer than 4 Euros, and it will last you a week.


And whoever said you had to give up chocolate? I eat more chocolate now than I ever did before! 


Try this simple recipe: 100% cocoa powder, some bananas and coconut milk, with a pinch of salt. Add all together and taste along the way until you get the flavour you like, blend and put it in the freezer… it will blow your mind!


Don’t even get me started on vegan pancakes, brownies and energy balls… mmm balls…. (maybe a recipe for my next guest blog post!)


I recommend that everyone tries to cut down on the amount of meat and dairy products they consume. I’m not saying go vegan, but just give it a go for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. If someone had told me that my spots would disappear, I would lose weight, AND have more energy to surf, I wouldn’t have needed any more reasons to give it a go!


Thanks for reading! 


Allannah xx










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