Earn Your Surf

March 11, 2017

It’s high time we took responsibility as human beings, for our damaging effects on the planet. And especially as surfers, there are lots of ways we can help protect the source that has given us so much pleasure. Here's our list of 10 Surf Worthy ways you can earn your surf!

  1. Wear a chemical-free sunscreen with an organic base so not to pollute the water. So many ocean studies have found that chemicals in sunscreen damage coral, sea creatures – even unborn sea creature embryos. Our favourite option here in Bali is Surf Yogis  

  2. Don’t go out in low tide if it means walking on the reef. Even with protective booties… they protect your feet, not the coral - your weight will damage the coral for ever!

  3. Buy good quality surf clothing that lasts so you’re not adding to the landfill. Guess who we recommend... 

  4. Buy used surfboards and re-sell/give away your old boards to a poor grom. If your old board is broken there are loads of artistic ways to recycle. I've seen a coffee table and shelves made from broken boards! Paint it and call it art!

  5. Invest in a good reusable bottle. You’re going to need it for the summer, and especially on tour in tropical countries. No more plastic bottles! I picked up this amazing one recommended by a friend in Canada called S’well. It keeps hot things hot for 12 hours, and cold things cold for 24 hours. I LOVE IT. Hot coffee for dawn patrol and cold water for zooming around all day in the sun. Perfect.

  6. Always pick up a bit of trash. Especially in a country like Indonesia where this is a BIG problem. If you don’t have pockets with zips, pick some up on your way out of the sea. If there's a load in the water, you can even balance some on your board coming in. It’s not only environmentally helpful, but it will help give a good representation of surfers, and the fact that even if it’s not our country of birth, Mother Earth is our home.

  7. Re-use plastic bags for food shopping.  This may be a no brainer in your own country. But maybe we let this routine slip when we’re away on surf trips/holiday. Just keep a plastic bag, or ‘bag for life’ permanently in your day bag. It’s handy for damp swim-wear too!

  8. Buy non-toxic, chemical-free organic surf wax (see point 1). We like Matunas.

  9. Change your home cleaning products, (especially for bath and toilet etc.) to eco-friendly brands. We recommend ECOVER. Remember it all ends up back in the sea!

  10. Share rides to the beach with your surf buddies!











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