Our team of Worthy Women embody everything it means to be 'Surf Worthy'. We could not be prouder to have our designs tested on their bad-ass backs.



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UK ● El Salvador ● California ● Indonesia ● Australia

Hi I'm George or Pixie depending what part of the world I'm in.

I'm the founder, Owner and Creative Director of Surf Worthy.

Twelve years ago when living and working as a diving Instructor in Indonesia I designed my own surfable bikini because I couldn't find any in the world. It was through my friends and surf and dive women I then met wearing my samples, that I kept being asked where they could buy one the same. So the spark was there for a business, but alas no cash. 

Fast forward to the present day Surf Worthy has been fully running as a company for 2 years, and I'm so excited about how popular it has become and how we're evolving with our customers needs. Surfing and the ocean is my main love and that goes hand in hand with conservation. That's why my company is always going to support organizations that are helping to clean up and protect our seas. As a 17 year world traveler, hustling a million different jobs to keep surfing, I understand what a fair wage means to the lives of people. And that's why I'm also proud we pay fairly.  As a female Surf athlete, I know how much I push myself to progress in this beautiful but hard core environment, and so I wanted to reflect that strength and determination of women surfers, by producing clothing that lives up to the challenge by staying on, being strong, flexible and comfortable, with the super-hero badge of honor. 

 Apart from that I want world peace and barrels - of course haha ;)  * my life on the blog page "my life in a really big nutshell"

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Victoria, Australia ● Vanuatu

"I am a twenty-something avid surfer and smiler.


I grew up surfing in Victoria after my Mum taught me how to surf at 4 years old. I've always had the waves and the ocean in my life and credit my passion for surfing for shaping who I am, my beliefs and values. From a young age I saw the good that surfing can achieve, whether it be for an individual or community. After many short voluntary stints in this field I hit the jackpot when I became women's surf development officer with the Vanuatu Surfing Association. You can find me spending my days with young local surfers in various communities in Vanuatu. We work to increase their capacity to become leaders, as well as providing training on surfing, first aid, water safety, photography, environmental awareness, health and nutrition and gender equity.

Without surfing I would be a boring couch potato. Ain't nobody got time for that!"


Guatemala ● El Salvador ● Indonesia

"My name is Gabriela Castillo, (aka DJ Baby G), from Guatemala City. All my life I have had a deep connection with music, DJing throughout Guatemala and different countries. After being introduced to surfing 7 years ago, I was immediately hooked. The connection I feel with the ocean and its rhythm has inspired me to travel, surf different waves and immerse myself in different cultures. Feeling at peace with the ocean and playing music has shaped who I am today and I’m very thankful for it all."

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Newquay, UK ● Lombok, Indonesia

Friends call me Allan. Yes, I'm a girl and I'm 26 years young... 


I was born in the tropics of England, growing up in a small surf town called Newquay. 


I was obese as a child and bullied through school. But when I was 13 I discovered surfing and it changed my life. Finally, I had an outlet where I could be myself, in a place with my own thoughts, where I wasn't scrutinised or judged, I could just be me!


I knew instantly this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve now been a surf instructor for 9 years, working and surfing my way around the world, and I’m currently living in Lombok, Indonesia.


I used to compete on the UK pro tour, but the more time I spent chasing waves, the less time I was spending in England, and soon the numbers just didn't matter anymore. I ended all the sponsorships that made me feel like I was selling myself.


I want women to be shown as athletes, not sexualised objects, which is why I'm super happy to be representing Surf Worthy. 




My favourite destination to surf: ANYWHERE IN INDONESIA 


Pump up tune: Sad But True, Metallica


Last meal: FALAFEL! And hummus...


Most embarrassing moment: Oh so many! But this one time when I was in Las Vegas, I got myself and everyone thrown out of a rock bar because the DJ was playing Katy Perry and I kicked off. I mean, come on, it was 'supposed to be a rock bar!' HAHA

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Perth, Australia

I am almost 14 years old, I’m from Western Australia, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else (except maybe Hawaii!). I've always been a part of the ocean, my Dad took me swimming for the first time when I was 6 weeks old and I have since never stopped swimming.

I started surfing when I was about 2, but until I turned 10 I would just have fun and enjoy the water with my surfing. Then my dad took me on a surf trip to the South and we watched the other kids compete. I said straight away I wanted to train hard and start competing to be the best. With this, my love for surfing and my respect for the ocean has just grown and grown.

I now compete in state titles and at all the local comps I can. I am now part of the Trigg Junior Boardriders Club, claiming the title of u/13 champion girl last year. This year I’m competing in u/18 girls and ranking 2nd with still 3 more comps till this season is complete. My dream for the future is to surf the biggest wave in the world, (and not just for a girl). Without the ocean and surfing I would be lost in my life.

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Hawaii, USA

"I grew up in the in prairies of Alberta Canada, completely land locked. I was always such a tom boy, always dirty, continually adventuring, playing with batman figurines, hating the color pink... you get the idea.


I remember the first time being introduced to the sport of surfing. It was when Tarzan the animated movie came out, I remember being completely memorized by Tarzan "surfing" the trees and knew that one day, I was going to surf!. Many years later, I finally had the opportunity to learn when my husband and I moved to Hawaii.


Let me tell you, I have most definitely paid my dues to the ocean learning how to surf. From countless wipe-outs, having my bikini bottoms ripped off (leaving me stranded bottomless downtown Waikiki), to having 6 stitches in my lip from my surfboard hitting me in the face, I am now able to hold my own during a winter swell on the famous north shore of Hawaii.


My love for adventure, for the ocean, and for the power of the waves, has changed my life. I will always need to be close to the Sea."

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El Salvador

"Being in the water makes my mind calm without problems of those who pass outside. I'm always happy in the water, it's just the waves and me."