• Rinse your surf bikini in clean cold water as soon as you've come out of the surf. You want to get that salt, sand and any chemicals off quickly so they don't set into the fabric

  • Instead of wringing your swimsuit out (see 'Do Not's' below), lie it flat onto your towel and roll it up to take home with you, wringing out your surf bikini can tear the fabric fibers causing it to lose elasticity. You want to keep that 'snap back' effect

  • Hand wash your surf bikini in warm water as soon as you get home, using a natural unscented soap

  • Alternate your surf bikini if you surf every day, the lycra in our surf bikinis is a memory material and needs 24 hours to dry and snap back to its original shape. 

  • Apply your sunscreen a while before you put on your surf bikini, giving your body time to absorb it first so it doesn't rub off onto the fabric

  • After washing, instead of hanging - lay your surf bikini flat on a towel to dry, either inside or in the shade (drying your bikini in direct sunlight can fade the colour)



  • Wear your surf bikini in a chlorinated pool or hot tub (definitely not a hot tub!), the fabric was selected to be hard-wearing in the ocean and freshwater, but constant wear in chlorine and other harsh chemicals will quickly reduce its life. Manufacturers say that nylon/lycra swimwear will last about 20 hours in chlorinated water, so just wear something else in the pool.

  • Keep your surf clothing rolled up in the towel for hours – this allows bacteria to breed. Wash it gently when you get it home and lay it out flat to dry somewhere shady

  • Wash your surf clothing in a washing machine. Washing machines and detergents can be very harsh and will damage your surf clothes, reducing elasticity and causing bobbling, even if done just the once. Perhaps a 'hand wash' setting on a super high-tech machine would be fine, but it only takes five minutes to hand wash

  • Dry your surf bikini in a tumble dryer

  • Use an iron, the high temperatures can burn the fibers in your surf bikini – try our safe method for removing wax that does not involve an iron being anywhere near your surf bikini!

  • Use chlorine bleach 

We make our bikinis strong enough to handle the power of any wave, but a washing machine is a different story! Here's our guide for keeping your Surf Worthy wears as good as new.