It was always our plan for Surf Worthy to be just for surf women.


Every design element and feature of our activewear bikinis, created specifically for the performance needs of a surf woman.


So there I was, sat in a cafe in Bali looking at some wave artwork by a local artist on the wall. I thought, how beautiful to have wave prints on our bikini tops.


In the start I was just thinking it would be cool to feature the work of any surf artists on our designs, maybe highlight some local talent close to where our bikinis are made. But then my partner Lauren chipped in, "we’re a women-powered surf brand, surely we could try and find women artists who’d want to collaborate with us?" And in fact, that was easy to do! 


Three incredible ocean-obsessed artists, all creating and producing and doing what they love. We’re proud to introduce the artists behind our ocean-inspired Eco Warrior Collection, and of course, each artist pockets a commission on every sale.

The search for artists began... three for three, it was meant to be.

As soon as we’d decided to print the works of surf artists onto our new collection, I thought of Sasha.


Sasha Luchkova was a surf friend of mine from years back when I was living in Bali. She was working as a Surf Instructor at the time. I remembered her beautiful artwork, which she’s been busy developing over last 10 years, and has also led her to becoming a tattoo artist. Skin, canvas, walls, tables, surfboards, there’s nothing Sasha won’t experiment with. She’s a true creator.


A quick message later (thank the stars for social media!), and right from the get go, Sasha loved the idea and was keen to be part of the team. We were thrilled. This idea was starting to feel very real..


We weren’t sure where to go next, but a quick #surfart search on Instagram and we found San Diego-based artist Abri Racheal. Instantly impressed not only by her artwork, but also how talented she was at such a young age (only 17 at the time!), we didn’t bother to keep looking, she was the one. A hippy, surfer chick based in San Diego, we pitched the idea, and as soon as Abri heard our plan to use an eco-friendly sustainable fabric in the collection, she was sold. An Eco Warrior for our Eco Warrior collection!


We found our third and final artist closer to home. Caroline Istas was a new friend who we’d met in Bali. A photographer, illustrator, entrepreneur and creator of beautiful jewellry at Djinn Bracelets. We bonded over our love of life by the ocean, our shared past as dive instructors, a life of unconvention. It was only when we were having a catch up and telling Caroline about our plans for the new collection… *light bulb* and there she was, sat in front of us waiting to be asked.

The brief...

We had our artists, and an idea to feature wave art on our bikinis. But surfing is not just about the waves, of course. It's everything about the ocean that we love. And in Bali, it is the reef breaks that create the most beautiful of waves. Sometimes on a clear day, you even get to see the beautiful coral life bustling away beneath your board. 


Musing over my muse, the beautiful ocean, and wave art, I came up with the idea for our bikini to represent the surface line of the ocean, above and below. With our bikini pants showing the stunning underwater scenes of coral reefs, and a proud crest of a wave breaking on the tops. 


That dividing surface line has always fascinated me about the ocean, when looking out from land to the horizon. Knowing that underneath, often unseen by many humans, there is this other world below of incredible creatures in every colour imaginable, thriving with life. 

A simple brief, a lot of freedom. No rules… only that we wanted the prints to be colourful, alive and energetic, and that both the pant and top artwork should complement each another as a two-piece.


The results literally blew us away! 

Sasha Luchkova


Abri Racheal


Caroline Istas


Into production...

Not only did each artist bring such a unique twist to the idea, they all created using different styles and materials. So we had a water colour, an oil and graphic illustration. 

Thinking back to when I saw the images loading on my email each time, I have goose bumps now, because it was so emotional to see this creation of an idea you have had, come to life in such a beautiful way through the amazing artistic talent of these women. 

That overwhelming joy I had, was then instantly followed by a slight dread of pressure that I felt, that I suddenly I needed to do justice to their work by making the best bikinis. 

My second favourite moment of my Surf Worthy life, was when we got the prints back from the printing factory and saw the art on the material! I couldn't believe how vivid the colours were. It was such a proud moment for everyone involved. Even the girls at the print shop were saying how amazing they looked, and such a unique concept. 

It was the greatest pleasure sending each of the artists their own finished bikini of their work. Pure stoke! I wish I had been there personally when they unwrapped them in the mail. 

It's a great honour and pleasure to support not just artists, but female, surf artists, as they are also part of our surf tribe in this venture.

Each artist receives a commission from every bikini sold.

We hope you love their art as much as we do, and that you wear your bikini with extra good feelings that you are supporting these women too, so they can keep doing their passion, whilst we protect our oceans at the same time.

Shop the collection, be worthy of your surf.